ION ® -E: the simple, scalable  multi-operator IBW solution

The simple, scalable way to design, deploy and operate high-performance in-building wireless (IBW) systems

Wireless operators face pressure to increase network capacity while maintaining reliability and quality—all while working under limited budgets. The inherent complexities involved in deploying BW compounds these challenges. ION-E is a revolutionary solution that simplifies these complexities while addressing the current and future needs of wireless operators, building owners, and tenants alike.

ION-E flattens the infrastructure onto a single physical layer while simplifying the design, deployment and operations of the wireless system. This unified wireless infrastructure represents a significant leap forward, helping operators maximize the use of existing and future IT cabling infrastructure.

ION-E transports capacity to wherever it’s needed in real time, using a softwaredefined switch and distribution method. The system’s simplicity reduces the total cost of ownership and makes the system commercially viable in small, medium and large facilities.



Unified wireless infrastructure delivers a more flexible Network

ION-E makes it easier to deploy critical universal wireless infrastructure systems  cost effectively and quickly. ION-E offers many new benefits.


• Standard installation materials utilizing Category 6A, multimode fiber and singlemode fiber
• Fast, non-disruptive installation using a large, existing network of trained installation technicians


• Frequency and technology independence supporting 380-2700 MHz with one model
• Software-defined remote sectorization control
• Automated configuration

Key features

• MCC, MNC and cell ID detection for ease of signal distribution
• Gigabit Ethernet backhaul over common infrastructure—no separate cables or hardware required
• Power to universal access points (UAP) and connected Ethernet devices through enhanced PoE
• Compact head-end equipment conserves rack space


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